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Perkins Monocle

muddle in sja_scripted

Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? - Part One

1X07: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? PART 1
ORIGINAL AIRDATE: 29th October 2007

WRITTEN BY: Gareth Roberts
DIRECTED BY: Graeme Harper



[Short montage of skateboarder performing various tricks]

LUKE: So what is the point of skateboarding?

[CLYDE rolls up next to LUKE on a skateboard and puts his hand on Luke's shoulder, grinning]

CLYDE: With you there's always got to be a point. It's skateboarding. It's fun. It just is!

[Clyde gets back onto his skateboard and skates away. Luke follows him on foot, looking confused. Clyde tries to perform a trick and falls off his skateboard. Sarah Jane and Maria, stood a patch of grass a few feet away, wince.]

SARAH JANE: Careful!

[Maria smiles and turns to Sarah Jane, who is watching Clyde worriedly.]

MARIA: So Clyde fights Slytheen and Gorgons and that's OK with you, but a bit of skateboarding and woah!

[Sarah Jane laughs]

SARAH JANE: I know! Oh shame on me. I've changed since I've met you lot. I've gone all mumsy.

[Alan walks over and puts his arm around MARIA]

ALAN: A change for the better, if you don't mind me saying. Do you remember that first day we moved in? Talk about frosty!

[Sarah Jane gasps and looks at him incredulously]

SARAH JANE: I was not!

MARIA: [grimacing] Yes you were.

[Clyde attempts another stunt on the skateboard and falls off again. Sarah Jane turns around worriedly. Alan jogs over to Clyde and Luke.]

ALAN: No, no, no! You've got it all wrong! You've got to bend your legs. If you want to ollie, really bend your legs. That's how you get the biggest pop.

[Alan picks up the skateboard]

CLYDE: Okay - and you would know exactly what?

[Alan gets onto the skateboard]

ALAN: Well, as it happens...

[He performs a perfect ollie on the skateboard]

ALAN: King of the Concrete, Romford, 1992!

CLYDE: Yeah, right.

[Alan picks up the skateboard and jogs over to the half-pipe]

: [o.s.] Oh no, here we go!

[Alan performs some impressive stunts on the half-pipe, while Luke, Clyde and Sarah watch, stunned. Maria smiles and laughs, embarrassed]

ALAN: And he's still got it!

CLYDE: But... you're old!

MARIA: [o.s.] Got to get pictures of this!


MARIA: Cheese! Smile!

[Maria takes several pictures of Sarah Jane, Luke, Alan & Clyde together, posed together in front of the skate park. Alan then jogs over to Maria]

MARIA: It's alright, I'll take it!

ALAN: No, it's alright, you get in!

[Maria walks over to the group, and a smiling photo is taken of Sarah Jane, Luke, Maria & Clyde with arms around one another.]

ALAN: Loose trucks!

GROUP: Loose trucks!

[Sarah Jane, Luke, Maria & Clyde are photographed shouting happily to the camera]

MARIA: One... two... three... smile!

[Sarah Jane, Luke, Maria & Clyde are photographed; Sarah Jane, Clyde & Luke smile and laugh as Alan holds his hat on sideways and pulls a face.]

MARIA: Come on Sarah Jane, lets get one of you on your own.

[Sarah Jane and Maria move to an area with a backdrop of green grass and trees]

SARAH JANE: Just a minute!

[She adjusts her cardigan and hair]


[Sarah Jane smiles widely]

MARIA: One... two...

[Sarah Jane suddenly shivers and holds onto her arms, then looks nervously over her shoulder]

MARIA: [o.s.] What's up?

SARAH JANE: Somebody just walked over my grave.

[She turns back to Maria and adjusts her cardigan]

SARAH JANE: Come on, quick!

MARIA: OK, ready? Smile!

[She takes a picture of Sarah Jane smiling.]

MARIA: That's it!

[Sarah Jane runs off, holding her hands together nervously]

SARAH JANE: Come on, let's go home.

[The group head home through the park, Alan has Clyde in a playful headlock as they walk]

ALAN: Too old, am I?

[The group walks off screen]
[ZOOM TO: An ominous black-cloaked figure walking out from behind the bushes where the group has just passed]



[The group turns a corner and they separate; Sarah Jane & Luke cross the road towards their home while Alan, Maria & Clyde carry on towards the Jacksons']

CLYDE: So why'd you give it up?

ALAN: Well, you can't make a living out of a skateboard.

MARIA: Actually, Mum said.

ALAN: Yeah, well, now she's gone, maybe I'll get my board down?

MARIA: Please say you're joking!

ALAN: I'm good, why can't I?

CLYDE: Even if you are good, Mr. Jackson, you're still too old for a skateboard, sorry! See ya.

[Clyde gets on his skateboard and skates off]

ALAN: Bend your knees!

[Maria turns to look across the road at Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane looks up and smiles, waving her keys at her to signal her to come over]

ALAN: Come on, let's get some tea on.

MARIA: [starts off across the road, then turns around and walks backwards while talking to Alan] I'll just be a minute! Luke borrowed a textbook and I need it back.

ALAN: I don't know, what goes on over there?

MARIA: What do you mean? Nothing!

ALAN: [folds his arms and smirks] I reckon you're having secret parties without me.

[Maria rolls her eyes at him]

ALAN: Hurry up then.

[Maria smiles and jogs towards Sarah Jane's house]


[Sarah Jane, Maria & Luke bustle into the attic towards the chimney breast. Sarah Jane takes off her coat.]

SARAH JANE: Mr. Smith, I need you!

[At her command, the chimneybreast open up with puffs of steam. From inside emerges the large supercomputer called Mr Smith, with flashing lights, a bank of futuristic controls and a hi-tech screen.]

MR. SMITH: Hello Sarah Jane.

SARAH JANE: [smiling] Report the position of Meteor K67, please.

[information about the meteor appears on the large screen]

MR. SMITH: Meteor K67, ascension of twenty hours, thirteen minutes and forty-two seconds. Declination of minus twenty-two degrees.

[Maria turns to look at Sarah Jane and Luke, confused and worried]

MR. SMITH: V magnitude brightening from eleven to three point three with a sky motion of eleven point three degrees.

LUKE: It's heading straight for the Earth, and the authorities can't see it 'cause it's coming straight through a radar blind spot.

MARIA: [sarcastically] Of course... why didn't I realise that?

SARAH JANE: Oh, if it hits us - bang - end of the world. [she shrugs]

MARIA: [getting exasperated] You're being a bit calm!

SARAH JANE: [turns to Maria, smiling] Oh, there's no need to worry! When it's in range, Mr. Smith will create a magnetic pulse and bounce the meteor back into space. All in a day's work.

MARIA: You're going to save the world and no one even knows about it?

SARAH JANE: No, I like it better that way.

LUKE: Mr. Smith, how long do we have?

MR. SMITH: The meteor will be in range at 2.45pm tomorrow. All systems are prepared.

LUKE: You see? No worries.

MARIA: I know, but you can't help thinking that if it weren't for Sarah Jane, we'd all be dead!

SARAH JANE: Tell you what, Luke, go put the kettle on, I'm parched. Be down in a sec.

LUKE: Sure. See you later, Maria.

[Luke exits the room. Sarah Jane turns to watch Luke leave, then leans in to whisper to Maria conspiratorially]

SARAH JANE: I just wanted a word in private.

[Sarah Jane & Maria walk to the back of the attic. Sarah Jane rifles through a set of messy bookshelves; she removes a copy of the book "UNIT: Fighting for Humankind by Sarah Jane Smith", revealing a gap in the corner of the shelves. She pulls out a small leather binocular case from the gap, opens it and removes something smaller, wrapped in black velvet.]

SARAH JANE: This... [Unwraps the black velvet and reveals a small silver box, which she holds out to Maria] ...is for you.

MARIA: Wow! [Carefully takes it from her Sarah Jane's hands, smiling] It's beautiful! Where'd you get it?

[Sarah Jane climbs up a few steps from where she was searching the shelves back up to Maria's level]

SARAH JANE: Remember that Verron soothsayer we helped fly home the other week? It's from him. [she puts her arm around Maria and guides her to the chaise longue, where Maria sits down]

MARIA: What's it for?

[Sarah Jane sits on the arm of the chaise longue]

SARAH JANE: I don't know. He said "Remember." Just remember, whatever that means.

MARIA: So... why are you giving it to me? [Maria looks up at Sarah Jane]

SARAH JANE: He said, "Give it to the person you trust the most." and that's you. [moves from the arm of the chaise longue to sit next to Maria] It's probably best not to tell Luke that bit.

[They laugh and look at the box.]

MARIA: What's in it?

SARAH JANE: Have a look.

[Maria tries to open the box by turning and sliding it various ways, but it doesn't open]

MARIA: How do you open it? It's impossible! [looks up at Sarah Jane, who is smiling at her. Maria laughs] Which you knew.

SARAH JANE: I tried. Mr. Smith said there's nothing in it, just a puzzle box. [twists the box once to try and open it, but it doesn't open. Lies it flat on the palm of her hand] And I forgot about it 'til this afternoon. But there - it's yours.

MARIA: [smiles and takes it from her hand] Thank you.

[Sarah Jane puts her arm around her and leads Maria up to the attic door]

SARAH JANE: Pop around tomorrow; let me know how you get on.

MARIA: Plus we can bash that meteor.

SARAH JANE: Oh, should be fun!

[They both laugh. Maria leaves through the attic door and Sarah Jane closes it behind her.]


[Maria, sat on her bed in her pyjamas, is frustratedly trying to open the puzzle box. Her television is on behind her with the volume turned down. She twists one of the corners of the box and it rotates with a 'clunk' sound]

MARIA: Yes! That must be it!

ALAN: [o.s.] Maria, turn that telly off, you should be sleep! Maria!

[Maria sighs and reaches over to turn the television off. She then walks off the side of the screen, leaving the puzzle box on her bed.]


[The cloaked figure previously seen behind the bushes at the skate park walks down the middle of the road. It stops outside of Sarah Jane's house and slowly walks towards it.]


[Maria is in her bed, still twisting at the puzzle box. She yawns and turns it a particular way; it suddenly pops open forming two pyramid shapes]

MARIA: Yes! [she turns it in her hands] ...is that it, then?

[she sighs dejectedly, turns out the lights behind her and settles down to sleep with the puzzle box in her hand]


[The cloaked figure is stood on the road outside of Sarah Jane's house. Sarah Jane's car sits in the driveway outside. The figure reaches out his hand towards it and suddenly the car disappears in a cloud of shining gold dust which is blown away by a sudden wind]


[Maria is asleep, holding the puzzle box in her hand. It begins to glow blue.]


[The shadowy figure lets out a raspy breath and reaches its arm out once again, this time towards Sarah Jane's house. Several voices are heard calling Maria's name. The lights in Sarah Jane's house suddenly go out.]


[Maria suddenly bolts upright in bed]


[She drops the box onto the floor]


[The shadowy figure lets out another raspy breath and disappears in a whirl of mist]


[Alan rushes into Maria's bedroom]

ALAN: [frantic] What's the matter, what's the matter?

MARIA: I'm fine.

ALAN: Are you sure?

MARIA: Yeah, it was just a bad dream.

ALAN: Alright... alright.

[Alan leaves Maria's bedroom, closing the door behind him. Maria flops back down onto her mattress.]
[PAN TO: The puzzle box on the floor, underneath the foot of Maria's bed. It glows an eerie blue and then the glow dies out.]


[Maria is sat at the dining table eating cereal. Alan enters the room.]

ALAN: Morning! Are you OK now?

MARIA: [laughs] Yeah.

ALAN: Look what I got down from the loft!

[Alan reveals a skateboard he was holding behind his back. He grins.]

MARIA: [deploringly] Oh no, Dad!

ALAN: What, so I'm too old am I?

MARIA: Just don't use it anywhere near me!

[Alan sits down at the dining table opposite Maria. She looks to her right and points]

MARIA: Where'd you get those plants from?

ALAN: From Andrea. House-warming present. Don't you remember? Oh, wait a minute - Andrea.

[He reaches out onto a table to his right and picks up a card, which he passes over to Maria]

ALAN: Don't forget to sign her birthday card.

MARIA: What do you mean? Who's Andrea?

ALAN: Don't be daft, just sign it.

MARIA: OK, if you say so...

[She picks up a pen and writes on the card. Alan is adjusting the wheels of his skateboard with a screwdriver.]

MARIA: [o.s.] I'm going over the road to see Luke.

ALAN: [puzzled] Luke?

MARIA: Yeah, Luke.

: [smirking] Oh yeah? Luke's a lad from school is he?

MARIA: Oh shut up! What's wrong with you this morning?!

[Maria leaves the room. Alan shrugs and turns back to his skateboard and starts spinning the wheels, making electric guitar noises]


[Maria is stood outside of Sarah Jane's house. She rings the doorbell, then turns her head to look at a strange car sat in the driveway where Sarah Jane's car is usually stood. The house door opens; it is not Sarah Jane or Luke who opens the door, but a blonde woman [Andrea Yates, not yet named] in a dressing gown.]

ANDREA: [smiles] Hello, love! You're early! Where's my birthday card, then?

[Maria looks at her, puzzled.]

ANDREA: Ohhh, I was only joking!

[The woman smiles reassuringly and pats Maria's chin]

MARIA: Err, sorry, is Sarah Jane there?

ANDREA: Say again?

MARIA: Sarah Jane.

ANDREA: [crouches down to Maria's level] One of your mates from school, is that?

MARIA: No... Sarah Jane... this is her house...

ANDREA: [stands back up] Maria love, I like a laugh, but it's only half past nine in the morning! I didn't stop working 'til gone three. Once I start painting I can't stop!

[Maria looks at her suspiciously and then leans forward a bit to try and look inside the house]

ANDREA: Try me again a bit later, eh? You can help me get things ready for the party! Sandwiches won't butter themselves!

MARIA: Is Luke there?


[Maria gives her a confused look and walks away back down the driveway]

ANDREA: Are you alright, love? Maria?

[The woman steps out onto her front step to Maria walking away. She raises her eyebrows and shakes her head then walks back in.]


[Alan is watering the potted plant from the windowsill with a watering can. Maria enters.]

MARIA: Dad, something really weird is going on. There's this woman over in Sarah Jane's house.

ALAN: [not looking up] Sorry?

MARIA: I knocked on the door and there's this woman stood there!

ALAN: [he looks up] Hold on, what door?

MARIA: Sarah Jane's house, number thirteen?

ALAN: [puzzled] Andrea's?

MARIA: What?!

ALAN: Who's Sarah Jane?

MARIA: Right... OK, you can stop it now; it's freaking me out!

ALAN: I'm just not getting you. Sarah Jane?

MARIA: Sarah Jane Smith, our neighbour?

ALAN: There's no-one on this road called Sarah Jane. That I've met, anyway.

MARIA: Of course you have! Stop it!

[Alan looks at her, confused]

MARIA: Right, I'll show you!


[Maria and Alan are stood in front of a laptop]

MARIA: Look, Sarah Jane is definitely in the photos.

[Photos almost identical to those taken at the skate park are shown, but where Luke & Sarah Jane are missing from all of them. In their place is the woman from across the road, Andrea.]

MARIA: What?! Where's Luke?! And who... why is she there?!

ALAN: [gently] I'm sorry. I don't know any Sarah Jane's and I don't know any Luke's.

[Maria stares at the computer screen, worried]

ALAN: What's wrong?

[Maria storms out of the room]


[Maria scrolls through the numbers on her mobile phone's phone book.]

MARIA: Where's Sarah Jane's number gone?

[She scrolls again]

MARIA: No Luke, no Clyde?

[She stares into space, confused and worried. She thinks for a moment, then has an idea.]

MARIA: Clyde. [she starts typing a number into her phone] 07700907...

[She finishes dialing and quickly puts the phone to her ear]


[Clyde is walking down a busy street. His phone rings and he quickly answers it, smiling.]

CLYDE: [to phone] Hey, who's that?

MARIA: [to phone] Clyde, it's Maria.


MARIA: Me, Maria!

CLYDE: Maria Jackson?

MARIA: Clyde, you've got to get over here. Sarah Jane's vanished!

CLYDE: Maria Jackson from school?

MARIA: Yeah!

CLYDE: Err, why are you phoning me? I didn't give you my number. Who gave you my number?

MARIA: Clyde, tell me, is Luke with you?

CLYDE: Luke?

MARIA: We were out yesterday, skateboarding?

CLYDE: I bumped into you at the skateboard park, no one called Luke though.

MARIA: Luke Smith! [looks worried] Please tell me you're all having a joke. Was it Sarah Jane's idea?

CLYDE: [confused] Say again?

MARIA: Do you know Sarah Jane?

CLYDE: Look if you want to ask me out, just ask me out. [he looks at his watch] I can fit you in next Thursday.

MARIA: Oh no, Clyde... [looks upset, tears are starting to well up in her eyes. Then she realises something and suddenly looks frightened] The meteor!

CLYDE: You what?

MARIA: There's a huge meteor heading for Earth!

CLYDE: [sarcastically] Oh, is there now?

MARIA: [frantic] Only Sarah Jane can stop it and she's vanished!

CLYDE: [irritated] What are you talking about, you nutter? Laters, I'm busy. [he presses a button on his phone and hangs up on her]

[Maria slowly moves the phone away from her ear, staring into space, frightened and with eyes full of tears.]


[Maria frantically rings the doorbell and stands on the doorstep, fidgeting. Andrea answers the door.]

ANDREA: Hello love! Right, I've surfaced. Come on, lots to do.

MARIA: [annoyed] Whatever.

[Maria barges passed Andrea into the house and looks around the hallway. She flings the living room door open and finds that it looks nothing like Sarah Jane's living room.]

MARIA: Uh- B- But it's... different!

ANDREA: Well, alright, it's a bit of a mess but I'm going to clean it up before people come 'round. I can't help it if I'm so popular. The birthday girl!

[Maria stares at her, stunned, then charges out of the room]

ANDREA: [concerned] Maria?

[Andrea follows Maria into the hallway, and watches her run up the stairs]

ANDREA: Hang on love, where you going?

[Alan walks in through the open front door behind her]

ALAN: Hi, sorry, um, is Maria around here? She was a bit upset earlier on.

MARIA: Yes, she's just taken off up there! [she points towards the stairs]

ALAN: What?

[Alan walks towards the stairs and stands on the first step.]

ALAN: [shouting up the stairs] Maria? [turns to Andrea] What's going on?

ANDREA: I've not a clue!

[Andrea starts climbing up the stairs after her]


[Maria walks into the attic. Just as the living room, the attic is a completely different place to what it was before. There is no scientific equipment, no alien technology, no homely clutter. The attic is now just a, mostly empty, storage space for old picture frames and boxes. Maria wanders around, staring in disbelief. Andrea and Alan enter the room.]

MARIA: [angrily at Andrea] Where is she?

ANDREA: I don't know who you're talking about, love.

MARIA: Sarah Jane Smith!

ANDREA: Never heard of her.

ALAN: [softly] Maria, come on, I think you and me should just go back to the house.

ANDREA: [desperate] But Sarah Jane lives here! In this house, with her son Luke. Where are they?!

[Andrea and Alan continue to stare at her, confused. Maria looks at Andrea angrily again then turns to face the chimneybreast, where a mirror is hung.]

MARIA: Mr. Smith, I need you!

[Nothing happens.]

MARIA: [close to tears] Mr. Smith?

[Alan walks over to Maria and puts his arm around her, then turns her around to face him.]

ALAN: There is no Mr. Smith. There's no Sarah Jane. No Smiths at all.

MARIA: But Dad, I...

[Alan pulls Maria to his chest and kisses the top of her head comfortingly. He starts to steer her towards the door.]

ALAN: [gently] Come on. [he looks at Andrea has he passes her] Sorry about this.

[Andrea smiles at him as he passes and watches them leave the attic. When they have gone, Andrea's smile fades all of a sudden and she stares into the middle distance disbelievingly]

ANDREA: [whispering] Sarah Jane Smith...

[Andrea shivers and shakes her head]


[Maria & Alan are sat on Maria's bed. Maria has a laptop on her knee.]

MARIA: OK, so... [takes a deep breath] Yesterday evening, what did we do?

ALAN: Right. I... picked you up from school. We walked home, went to the park.

MARIA: [looking disgusted] We went with Andrea?

ALAN: No, she was just passing by. We bumped into a lad you knew from school, Clyde.

MARIA: Who I don't really know.

ALAN: Well you said you knew him vaguely. He's in some of your classes.

MARIA: Then you showed off your skateboarding to him?

[Photo on the laptop of Alan on a skateboard, at the top of a half-pipe]

ALAN: And you were cringing. Thanks.

MARIA: So when did I mean Andrea?!

ALAN: [sighs] Look.

[Alan opens up a photo album. On the first page is a photograph of Alan and Maria moving into their house. Andrea stood next to them while they carry boxes inside]

ALAN: That's us outside, the day we moved in. Andrea came over and gave us a hand.

MARIA: [wide eyed] But Sarah Jane was there! That's where we met her! And... [smiling] and she was all frosty! Oh you've got to remember that, you said so! Frosty!

ALAN: No... just Andrea. And she was lovely. Invited us over straight away.

[He turns the page in a photo album and points to a photo of Andrea, Alan & Maria at a party]

ALAN: Always having parties. Lives life to the full, does Andrea.

: I don't remember any of that.

ALAN: Maybe you should get some sleep. A nice little kip, then you'll feel better, yeah?

MARIA: You want me to forget Sarah Jane?!

ALAN: [irritably] There is no Sarah Jane! Come on, this meteor thing destroying the Earth it's just a... it's a bit silly! Isn't it?

MARIA: But... I can see it all so clearly! Sarah Jane was so real to me! All the things we did, all the incredible things we saw, I-

[Alan puts his arm around her]

MARIA: Something happened last night, and Sarah Jane vanished. Nobody remembers but I do! A-and somehow, w- w- when everything changed, I- I- I got protected! I'm telling you Dad, I'm right! And I'm going to show you.

CUT TO: Laptop screen. Maria is searching for Sarah Jane Smith in a search engine.

MARIA: Sarah Jane Smith solicitors... Sarah Jane Smith Guernsey Womens' Football...

ALAN: Hmm.

MARIA: There must be something.

ALAN: I don't think there will be.

[Maria clicks one of the links and a site pops up]

MARIA: Hang on! [reading from the screen] "My poems, by Carla Morgan for Sarah Jane Smith. For Sarah Jane Smith, who left us 13th July 1964". The woman that wrote this, she's the same age as Sarah Jane!


MARIA: 1964... have they got newspapers in the library? Old newspapers?

ALAN: Should have, yeah.

MARIA: Come on then! Off to the library.


[Maria and Alan walk into the library and sit down in front of a computer]

ALAN: Right, what have we got?

[Newspaper article on screen: 'GIRL DIES IN TRAGIC ACCIDENT ON SCHOOL TRIP'. Maria gasps.]

MARIA: [reading from the screen] "School girl, Sarah Jane Smith, 13, died falling off the edge of Westport Pier yesterday in a tragic accident."

ALAN: It's just the same name, darling.

[Alan turns away from the screen]

MARIA: [reading] "A second girl, Andrea Yates, is being treated for shock."

[Alan back around, shocked]

ALAN: Wha- that's our Andrea, from across the road! She's Andrea Yates.

MARIA: You see! I'm not lying, there's a connection!

ALAN: Did Andrea tell you about this accident? Has that where you got the name from?

MARIA: Why would I do that?! I'm telling the truth!

[Alan looks at her disbelievingly, then turns away]

[Maria continues to read the article. Sarah Jane's voice is heard shouting "Maria!". In the article she is reading, the names Sarah Jane Smith and Andrea Yates suddenly switch around; it now reads "Schoolgirl, Andrea Yates, 13, died after falling ... A second girl, Sarah Jane Smith, is being treated for shock". Maria gasps.]

MARIA: Dad, did you see that?

[The names switch back to how they were before]

MARIA: The names, they swapped over!

[Alan turns around. Sarah Jane's voice is heard again, shouting "Maria, help me!"]

MARIA: And that's Sarah Jane's voice! It's her voice, can you hear her?

ALAN: ...you can hear a voice?

MARIA: [angrily] Dad, it was her!


ALAN: [quietly] Maria, you need to calm down.

MARIA: But you've seen the evidence!

ALAN: [angrily] There is no evidence!

MARIA: But I've worked it out! Andrea's done something and Sarah Jane's gone, just as that meteor's about to smash into us!

ALAN: Sweetheart, that's enough. I think I should take you to see a doctor.

[Maria turns away from him]


MARIA: Maybe Andrea did say something about the accident.

ALAN: Well that must be it.

MARIA: And that nightmare... perhaps I've got it all mixed up? I'm really sorry. Of course I know Andrea.

ALAN: Maria.

[Maria walks into his arms and he hugs her tightly. He kisses the top of her head, then they break apart. They hold hands as they continue to walk.]

ALAN: I have been so worried!

MARIA: I didn't hear a voice. I was just making that up.

ALAN: But why, sweetheart?

MARIA: I dunno. I think I just wanted some attention.

ALAN: Is there something else wrong? Something at school? Have I done something wrong?

[They stop at a pelican crossing. Alan presses the button and they wait.]

MARIA: No! It's just me.

ALAN: If there's anything you wanna talk about I'll give you all the attention in the world!

[The pelican crossing beeps and they cross the road]

MARIA: [smiling] Thanks Dad. But... I think I should go see Andrea. I should go and say sorry.


[Maria and Andrea are sat on Andrea's sofa. Andrea has her hand on Maria's cheek.]

ANDREA: [affectionately] Oh, that's alright love! [she moves her hand onto her shoulder] There's no need to apologise.

[Maria smiles]

ANDREA: I remember when I was your age. The thoughts that would come into my head sometimes!

MARIA: I don't know where I got that name! Sarah Jane Smith.

[Maria eyes dart to Andrea's face to check for a reaction]

ANDREA: [smiling] Means nothing to me, love.

MARIA: Positive?

ANDREA: Positive.

MARIA: But how could you forget?! 1964? School trip, the pier? She fell. She died. And you were with her!

[Andrea stares at her, eyes wide and shocked]


MARIA: You lived and she died. Only that wasn't meant to happen! The key moment when everything in the world changed.

FADE INTO FLASHBACK: 1964 - Sarah Jane is hanging by her fingers from the edge of a pier.

YOUNG SARAH JANE: Andrea, help me!

[Young Andrea is reaching her arm out from higher above her, but can't reach]

YOUNG ANDREA: Take my hand!

[Sarah Jane's hand slips. She screams and then there is a loud splash as she hits the water.]


[Andrea is visibly unnerved. She suddenly grits her teeth and grabs Maria, pulling her off the sofa]

ANDREA: Get out of my house!

[She shoves her roughly to the front door. Maria turns around in the hallway]

MARIA: [angrily] This. Isn't. Your. House! This is some kind of time-gone-wrong! Because in my world, the way things should have been - you died!

[Andrea grabs Maria and shoves her towards the door again]

ANDREA: GET OUT! Enough of this, I'm phoning your dad! GET OUT!

[Maria stops at the front door and turns back to Andrea]

MARIA: [angrily] Just to let you know, I'm gonna sort things out! I'm gonna work out how time got changed, I'm gonna find Sarah Jane and then I'm going to bring her back! And nothing is gonna stop me!

[Maria turns and opens the front door. She gives Andrea one last defiant look and leaves, closing the door behind her. Andrea looks shocked and upset]

ANDREA: No... [she starts to cry] Oh no!

[She turns and runs up the stairs]


[Andrea frantically runs through the door and towards a particular box]

ANDREA: [upset] That day! The pier! Oh Sarah...

[She digs through the box, pulling out various items out of the way, then slowly pulling something out. It is wrapped in brown fabric and she unwraps it – it’s a puzzle box, identical to the one Sarah Jane gave to Maria. She holds it in her hand and looks at it.]

RASPY VOICE: [off-screen] Remember... Andrea... Remember...

[Andrea slowly looks over her shoulder, then turns around and walks in the direction of the voice - it is coming from the mirror on the chimney breast. She stands in front of the mirror and looks into it. The cloaked figure that was stood outside of Sarah Jane's house the night she disappeared suddenly appears behind her in the mirror. Andrea quickly looks over her shoulder, but the figure isn't there - he only appears in the mirror. She turns back around and the figure has gotten closer.]

ANDREA: [scared] Who are you?

CLOAKED FIGURE: Remember... Remember...

ANDREA: I forgot you... I forgot what I did that day. All these years, living this life...

CLOAKED FIGURE: You forgot me, Andrea Yates. I never forgot you.

[Andrea turns around to check if the figure is really behind her, he isn't. She looks back into the mirror at him.]

ANDREA: The day she died... you gave me this box!

CLOAKED FIGURE: My gift. Why are you calling me now?

ANDREA: Maria Jackson over the road... All of a sudden she keeps going on about Sarah Jane! She knows! She knows what I did that day! [starting to cry] And she's made me remember...

CLOAKED FIGURE: She's just a child. Nobody will listen.

ANDREA: [crying] But I can't bear it! How could I forget? What I did? [comes to a sudden realisation] What we agreed! Did you make me forget?

CLOAKED FIGURE: Your life is better, is it not?

ANDREA: [quietly] Yeah...

CLOAKED FIGURE: Then what do you want from me?

ANDREA: Change her back the way she was. The girl over the road. Make her forget!

CLOAKED FIGURE: I can't. There is a barrier. She is... protected, somehow. But I can remove her for you.

ANDREA: No, not killing!

ZOOM TO: The figure's mouth. It is a red slit with sharp, pointed teeth.

CLOAKED FIGURE: I cannot kill! But... I can stop her from ruining your life. One night's sleep and you will forget her. Forget me. Forget everything once more.

ANDREA: Remove her where?

CLOAKED FIGURE: This need not concern you. I need your agreement. [growling voice] Do I have your agreement?

ANDREA: [crying] Yes!

CLOAKED FIGURE: It shall be arranged. But first, Andrea Yates, you must separate the child from her father.


[Maria is sat on her bed with her arms around her knees, cuddling a stuffed toy dog and deep in thought]

SARAH JANE: (o.s., upset) Maria, please help me!

[Maria quickly looks up and frantically looks around for the source of the voice. She looks into her mirror and sees Sarah Jane in the reflection. Sarah Jane is looking above her, frightened. Maria walks up to the mirror and looks into it, frantic]

MARIA: (to mirror) W-what do I do?! H-how do I start?! The meteor, I can't do anything to stop it! Why is only me who remembers you?

[Sarah Jane in the mirror shows no sign of being able to hear her.]

SARAH JANE: Maria, please!

[Sarah Jane's image fades away. Maria turns around quickly to see if Sarah Jane's there, but she isn't. She turns back to the mirror, takes another look behind her, and then turns back to the mirror. She picks up her stuffed dog.]


[Alan and Andrea walk across the road from the Jackson's to Andrea's house]

ANDREA: Um, you sure you don't mind giving me a hand? It's just I've got this banner for my birthday and I want to put it up over the door. Need another pair of hands. Sure you don't mind?

ALAN: No, not a problem. It's the least I can do.

[Andrea looks over her shoulder at the Jacksons' house. Alan looks too, to see what she's looking at]


[Maria carries her stuffed dog over to her bed, moves a pillow and lays down. She wriggles to get comfortable and then spots something on the floor. She picks up the puzzle box from underneath her bed and has a sudden epiphany, breaking into a huge grin]

MARIA: Yes! I've been so thick!


[Andrea carries a side table onto the patio for Alan to stand on. He climbs onto it and starts to put up a banner.]

ALAN: See, I don't really go big on birthdays myself - don't like being the centre of attention. But I used to when I was a kid, you know, big birthday parties there, bouncy castles and stuff…

[While Alan is distracted, Andrea watches the Jacksons' house expectantly]


[Maria bounds down the stairs quickly, carrying the puzzle box]

MARIA: Dad! I've worked it out - it's this box! It protected me.

[There's no reply. She walks into the living room but Alan isn't there]


[From nowhere there is the loud sound of rain. Maria quickly turns around and starts to run. She stops in her tracks as there is a blinding blue flash and a small creature appears a few feet in front of her. It aims a sort of gun at her and shoots. Maria screams and ducks, dropping the puzzle box. She runs past the creature, pushing him out of the way and running to the back door. She fumbles with the lock for a moment and then manages to open it and escape. The creature follows her, grunting as he runs. Alan enters through the front door.]

ALAN: Maria, are you OK?

[No answer]

ALAN: Maria?

[He turns around to go up the stairs, but looks down at his feet. He picks up the puzzle box that Maria dropped. He turns it in his hand, examining it]

ALAN: [quietly] Maria?


[Maria runs down the street, hotly pursued by the creature. She turns a corner only to find a dead end, an iron fence. She shakes the fence desperately]

MARIA: Help!

[She turns around and the creature is right in front of her. She moves left and right, hoping to avoid the gun, but he shoots. Two wires spring out and attach themselves to her jacket and she and the creature disappear into blue vapour.]


[Alan still holds the puzzle box, examining it. It suddenly glows blue as it did the night of Sarah Jane's disappearance. His eyes grow wide and he starts to shake, then falls to the ground. He holds his hand and the box to his head and squeezes his eyes tight, gritting his teeth. He starts to experience spinning around and around, hearing loud noises and appearing to be in severe pain. All of the photographs of Maria on the side table and mantelpiece suddenly disappear as if being wiped away. Through the loud noise Chrissie, Maria's mother, is audible, repeatedly shouting "Alan!” He suddenly snaps out of it, sits up and stares shocked at the box in his hands. Chrissie walks into the room.]

CHRISSIE: The back door was wide open! You wanna be careful.

ALAN: [staring at the box] What was that?

CHRISSIE: What was what? Come on, let's get over to Andrea's.

ALAN: What about Maria?

CHRISSIE: Who? Oh! [teasingly] Don't say you've finally got yourself a new woman.

ALAN: Maria was in here; I think she's run off.

CHRISSIE: Already? Sensible woman whoever she is - took me fourteen years!

ALAN: I mean Maria, our Maria.

CHRISSIE: [frowns] What do you mean ours?

ALAN: She's our daughter!

CHRISSIE: Oh Alan, don't start messing about. I know you wanted kids but I never did. As if I've got a maternal bone in my body!

ALAN: [exasperated] Chrissie, stop this now. Maria is our daughter.

CHRISSIE: There is no Maria. Maria doesn't exist!


[The creature drags Maria by the wires on her jacket along a stone pathway that appears to be suspended in the sky. She struggles and tries to pull the wires off – eventually she manages to. The creature falls down and Maria suddenly disappears in blue vapour as she had before]


[Maria suddenly appears in a flash of blue, falling to the ground. She takes a moment to collect herself then scrambles onto her feet, looking around to see where she is.]

MARIA: [confused] What the-?

[A couple, dressed in 1960s clothing, walk past her listening to You Really Got Me by The Kinks on an old radio. An old-fashioned car drives by. A candyfloss seller pushes a hand-pulled cart. Two girls dressed in school uniform rush along the prom]

GIRL #1: Come on, it'll be a laugh! Better than that crummy museum again.

GIRL #2: But it's dangerous! They told us not to.

GIRL #1: Oh you're not fun!

[The glance at the gate to the pier as they walk past. A sign on it reads ‘NO ENTRY’. They walk past Maria and Maria goes after them to get their attention]

MARIA: Excuse me!

[The girls turn back to look at Maria]

MARIA: I'm going to sound mad, but... where is this?

GIRL #1: [looks Maria up and down] You've got a nerve going out dressed like that. [nudges Girl #2 and laughs] Look at her!

GIRL #2: Don't be so rude! [turns back to Maria] Are you alright? You look a bit lost.

MARIA: I think I am! I was in London... I'm Maria Jackson.

[Girl #2 holds out her hand, and Maria shakes it]

GIRL #2: Pleased to meet you Maria. I'm Sarah Jane Smith.

[Maria looks stunned]



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