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rose doctorless world doctor who

snowflakie06 in sja_scripted

Claims List

If you would like to claim an episode to transcribe, please comment here with your username and the episode(s) you would like to claim. It is recommended that you transcribe an entire story and not just one of the episodes that make it up but it is not necessary.

Series One
Invasion of the Bane - broadwayyy
Revenge of the Slitheen 1 & 2 - tigertrapper
Eye of the Gorgon 1 & 2 - snowflakie06
Warriors of Kudlak 1 & 2 - iriandia
Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane 1 & 2 - muddle

Series Two
none claimed yet

Series Three
Prisoner of the Judoon 1 - jennie121


Yeah, I knew I'd have to cover them to some degree, it's just hard to not sound repetitive writing about it about 12 times! "SJ & THE GANG PHOTOGRAPHED LOLLING SJ LOOKS CUTE, SJ & THE GANG PHOTOGRAPHED LOLLING AGAIN SJ LOOKS CUTE, SJ AND THE GANG PHOTOGRAPHED LOLLING WHILE SJ LOOKS AT LUKE ALL MOTHERLY AND STUFF" hahaa, I'll soldier on. I've got the first few scenes more or less wrapped up, I'll hopefully have it done by Tuesday at the latest. :D
(look at me go, with my appropriate icon)