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rose still want you doctor who

snowflakie06 in sja_scripted

Posting Format

It does not matter what format you use when transcribing your episode(s), however when posting please make sure to put in the subject line the title of the episode and whether it is the first or second in the story such as:

Revenge of the Slitheen - Part One

If you are transcribing both parts of a story, please post them separately.

Also, do not worry about the transcripts being posted in order, they will be linked to from the episode list, have their own tags, and be ordered correctly in the memories.


Warriors of Kudlak part one

Here's my first transcript. Please let me know if it looks OK to you. I was wondering if I should include more of the action that goes with the dialogue? Anyway, here it is. It's a .pdf


Re: Warriors of Kudlak part one

A little bit more action would be good, other than that it looks great. Whenever you feel you've tweaked it enough, submit it as a new entry to the community and I'll accept it :)
I've resubmitted the entry, sorry about forgetting about the title. I tested the entry this time by posting it in my own journal, the lj-cut definitely works (you can see it if you look at my journal). If the lj-cut isn't visible when you view it in the moderation queue (I've never modded a community before so I don't know the ins and outs), could it be that it shows the entries 'open', as in how they are visible after clicking on a cut, rather than the way they are visible when you are viewing from the community itself? By that I mean, for example, say you're reading a community where an entry has a cut. The cut is visible when you're viewing it from the community page, but when you click on the cut and open the entry up, the (read more...) thing isn't visible on the actual entry. I don't know if that makes sense at all lol, it's hard to describe. But yeah, the cut definitely works this time, so if it doesn't show a cut in the moderation queue, I would guess that's the reason why. Similar to when you view entries from communities that are tracked into your lj messages inbox; cuts aren't visible in there either.
Ah okay, thanks for letting me know that. I've never had moderated posting in a community before so that's good to know :)